Descript Raises $30MM Series B

We’re pleased to announce that Descript has raised a $30MM Series B, led by Nabeel Hyatt at Spark Capital, with participation from our existing investors: Andreessen Horowitz and Redpoint Ventures.

We’re also excited to welcome several individual investors who we have long admired: Devdatta Akhawe, Alex Blumberg, Jack Conte, Justine Ezarik, Todd Goldberg, Jean-Denis Greze, John Lilly, Tobi Lutke, Bharat Mediratta, Shishir Mehrotra, Casey Neistat, Brian Pokorny, Raghavendra Prabhu, Lenny Rachitsky, Naval Ravikant, Jay Simons, Jake Shapiro, Rahul Vohra, and Ev Williams.

Marked by strong customer growth and our expansion into full video editing, 2020 was a banner year for Descript. And with this financing, we’ll be growing the team so that we can continue to build great things in 2021. Check out our open positions and come help us build the next generation of video and audio editing. It’s fun!

Thanks to our customers for supporting our work in these early days. We love getting to make Descript for you!

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