Vivian Tejeda

Vivian is a content marketer who loves writing, creativity, and is obsessed with the art of storytelling. Her free time is taken up by learning golf, reading books, and touching grass.


How to transcribe audio files to text in 8 easy steps
Learn how to transcribe audio files effortlessly with our step-by-step guide. From choosing the right transcription tool to proofreading, we cover it all.
10 best podcast editing software options in 2023
Explore the 10 best podcast editing software options to elevate your podcast production. Learn why Descript stands out with its all-in-one editing capabilities.
How to edit TikTok videos: 6 easy tips for success
Get more TikTok views by learning how to create and edit TikTok videos like a pro—from experimenting with trends to mastering cuts.
What is voiceover? A complete guide for beginners
Read the comprehensive guide to voiceovers. From defining the art to crafting scripts to the best tools to use, here’s how to elevate your voiceover game.

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