New in Descript: Santa's voice and animated captions

New in Descript: Word-level animations on Fancy Captions, bug fixes

With today’s Descript update we’ve added word-level animations on Fancy Captions, so you can customize the color of words and specify a playhead color highlight if you like.

Santa's Voice + Your words = Holiday magic

Introducing Overdub Santa! Descript's Santa Voice can do all the things the real Santa can do: spread cheer, warm your heart, manipulate your kids. And all Santagrams benefit Stanford's Neuroscience Supportive Care Program. Learn more.

Word-level animations for fancy captions

You can now customize how fancy captions animate by customizing the active & future word colors, and specifying a playhead color highlight if you’d like as well.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Users experiencing unexpected performance issues, high CPU usage, or spinning fans while using Descript can try disabling the new “Optimize video assets” setting in app preferences. If you then experience playback issues with specific files, you can still manually create optimized assets from the “...” menu on the specific files causing issues.
  • Windows screen recording improvements: We no longer record the recording dock itself during a screen recording, and our screen recorder now works reliably with more mics and computers
  • Overdub Voices can now be trained without having to transcribe the training media

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