Ayush Sood

Ayush is a freelance writer and marketer who loves writing about video marketing, the creator economy, and the software tools used in these industries.


How to use voice recording on iPhone for great podcast audio
Here's why voice recording on the iPhone is a good option for podcasters or anyone who needs to do recording on-the-go. We will also cover how you can do voice recording on an iPhone. 
How to start a podcast on YouTube in 5 steps [2023]
This guide will walk you through the ins and outs of launching a podcast on YouTube. Whether you're a newbie or a veteran podcaster aiming to expand, we have all the information and insight you need.
5 ways to use YouTube search trends for your next video idea
By learning to identify trending topics on YouTube, you can plan your content in a way that responds to what your audience wants while staying true to your channel’s unique point of view.
How to make a YouTube banner that attracts an audience, with examples
Your YouTube channel needs to give visitors a clear, enticing reason to stick around and hit subscribe. Your YouTube banner can do just that — as long as you follow some simple rules.

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