New in Descript: Share your Overdub Voice, choose filler words to remove, and more

After launching our new plans at the end of July, the newest update to Descript allows you to:

  • Share your Overdub Voice with your team members (Descript Pro)
  • Choose which filler words to remove after detecting them (Descript Pro)
  • Easily embed media published on Descript anywhere on the web

Overdub Voice Sharing

After creating your Overdub Voice, you’re now able to share your Voice with other team members on a shared drive so they can create Overdubs in your own Voice. A single Voice can be shared with an unlimited number of team members, but each team member can only access up to three Overdub Voices. If your team members require access to more than three Overdub Voices at once, please contact us about an Enterprise account.

Choose which filler words to remove

Advanced filler word detection (available in Descript Pro) now allows you to choose which filler words to remove. If you’d like to remove “ums” and “ahs” but leave in “you knows,” now you can do so in a single step.

Embeddable Player

Did you know you can use Descript to publish audio, video, and audiograms directly to the web? You can, and here’s how. We’ve updated our media player so you can easily embed content you’ve published on WordPress, Medium or anywhere else on the web.

As always, minor improvements and bug fixes can be tracked on our product changelog.

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