Lauren Passell

Lauren Passell is the founder of Tink Media, a podcast growth and discovery company, and the editor of Podcast the Newsletter.


Grow your podcast with promo swaps — here's how
Promo swaps are one of the easiest, most seamless, time-friendly, and effective ways to promote your podcast. Here's everything you need to know to make them happen.
Podcast promotion 101: Find partners to work with
The secret to slow, constant growth is partnerships: working with other podcasts. Finding the right podcast partner should be the very first step in your podcast marketing strategy.
Want to build buzz for your podcast? Try a miniseries
If you've been plugging away and haven't seen much of a bump in downloads, try a miniseries. Here's how to do it.
3 ways to market your brand-new podcast from scratch
A brand new show doesn’t have any listeners yet, so traditional promotional approaches won't work. But that's ok — in fact, a new show has a leg up on the competition just by being new, and there are ways to lean into that newness.

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