New in Descript: Transcript Correction Wizard and more



A new version of Descript is available with some great new features!

Transcript Correction Wizard

Now Descript flags words that we think are likely to be transcription errors, and guides you through correcting them, dramatically reducing the time it takes to get to a perfect transcript.

This feature will eventually require Descript Pro, but it’s free for all plans while in beta.

Replace filler words with Gap Clip

Descript now allows you to replace filler words in your audio and video with a gap clip (including our new room tone feature) of equivalent size. Video files will be converted into a Sequence with the video and audio on separate tracks to assure there is no break in the video playback.

Remove ignored text

Quickly strip ignored text from your Composition by making a selection, opening the Conductor (Ctrl / Cmd + K), and typing “remove ignored text.”

Authenticate with Google

You can now sign up for Descript using a Google account.

Title/caption style memory

When creating new titles and Fancy Captions, Descript will set the default styling to that of the last clip is that you edited.

Multi-window editing beta disabled (for a few weeks)

The Multi-window editing beta is temporarily disabled while we fix some issues. It’ll be back in a few weeks, sorry for the inconvenience!

You can also discover additional bug fixes and performance improvements in our changelog. Thanks for using Descript!

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