Amy Romer

Amy Romer is a visual journalist producing stories with words, photography, video and audio. She's a National Geographic Explorer and Global Reporting Centre fellow.


Where to find movie ideas—and how to turn those ideas into powerful stories
Discover where to find movie ideas and learn how to turn them into powerful stories through character, setting, and audience.
10 New Year's resolutions for video creators
Whether you’re a seasoned filmmaker or just starting out, the journey is the same — we all strive to be better than we were. These ten New Year’s resolutions will help guide you towards honing your craft, building connections, and making 2024 your most successful year yet.
5 ways AI smooths out my freelance video workflow
As a freelance creator, here are 5 things AI does that have made my life easier, my hours longer, and allowed me to focus on what I do best — being creative.
Interviewing with empathy & sensitivity: Trauma-informed reporting 101
Sometimes the most interesting stories can be the most traumatic for a person to tell. By learning trauma-informed interviewing techniques, you can make the experience a more positive one for everyone involved.
How to build a film budget, one line item at a time
Before you set up a single camera, you're going to want to make a film budget. This article explains what a production budget might look like, what it should include, and how creating a really good one now will benefit all of your future projects.

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