Amy Romer

Amy Romer is a visual journalist producing stories with words, photography, video and audio. She's a National Geographic Explorer and Global Reporting Centre fellow.


Sourcing B-roll: The dos and don’ts
Here's how to think about sourcing B-roll, and — importantly — what not to do if you want to really enhance your project with supplemental footage.
Shooting video? Here's a handy 11-point checklist for a smooth video shoot
This article explains each of the stages of video production, then breaks the production process down even further into a handy 11-point checklist you can use to plan your next video project — and end up with a great video to show for it.
5 tips for performing a compelling video interview
The most compelling video interviews feel authentic, and that doesn't happen by accident. Here are 5 tips for performing a compelling in-person interview that’ll have your audience locked into your content.
How to nail your podcast introduction
To really nail your podcast introduction, there are a few elements to think about. Not only what to say, but what tone to set, how to edit, and how much housekeeping to include.
Multiple interviews? How to weave it all together
Creating a structure for how you review, organize, categorize, and build a solid narrative with your footage is essential for the story (and your sanity) to be the best it can possibly be.

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