Newt Schottelkotte

Newton “Newt” Schottelkotte is an all-around podcasting person and the head of Caldera Studios. Check them out at


Turn listeners into superfans: 3 steps to build podcast listener engagement
Turning casual podcast listeners into superfans isn't easy, but there is a method to it. Here's how to build your podcast listener engagement.
Year-end lessons: What the best podcasts of 2023 can tell us about 2024
Best-of lists are a great way to see not just what critics are listening to, but what companies are making a splash, what genres are trending, and what stories people are looking to produce. 
The best short-form podcasts for killing 15 minutes
Find a collection of podcast recommendations that run 15 minutes or less, plus longer companion shows for when you have a little more time.
Submitting for podcast awards and festivals? Here's what to have on hand
The best way to get through awards season is to have everything you need at your fingertips, clearly organized and optimized for what awards and festival submissions usually ask of you — plus a little something extra.
A (mostly) comprehensive guide to making your podcast more accessible
Three disabled podcasters share their top tips on the different ways podcasts can make themselves more accessible to listeners with disabilities.

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