Newt Schottelkotte

Newton “Newt” Schottelkotte is an all-around podcasting person and the head of Caldera Studios. Check them out at


Scene blocking and staging: How fiction podcasts keep your ear on the action
Fiction podcasts borrow from theatre principles to help listeners follow the story. The secret lies in two tools of sound design: panning and attention to locational detail.
3 tips to get the most out of your podcast's sound designer
Knowing how to communicate with your sound designer is extremely important, and not just because their time is your money. Here's how to make sure both of you bring your A-game to the project.
How sound design for fiction podcasts can benefit nonfiction shows
I got my start sound designing for fiction podcasts, and when I made the jump to nonfiction, I was surprised at how much my time with fiction prepared me to edit on the other side of the fence. 

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