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How to use ChatGPT to improve your creative process
ChatGPT can improve your creative process by sparking new ideas, saving you time on tedious tasks, and providing valuable revisions to your work — as long as you use it right. Here's how to do that.
Affiliate marketing 101 with Pat Flynn
If you’ve got an audience, from a podcast, a list of email subscribers, or just a large following of superfans on social media, affiliate marketing is a no-brainer.
Passive income for creators: A how-to guide
Passive income is exactly what it sounds like: something you can set and forget, like the interest on your savings account, except way, way more lucrative. 
7 tips for creating a perfect logo for your brand
Whether you need a logo for your new podcast, YouTube channel, or any other creative endeavor, we’ve got you covered with useful tips to help you approach the best logo.
How to download TikTok videos
Downloading a TikTok video is pretty easy, with just a few clicks. It is a simple way to share them through messaging apps or back up your own content for safekeeping.

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