New: Free Overdub on all Descript accounts, with easier voice cloning

The new version of Descript makes a trial version of Overdub available on Free and Creator accounts. Overdub Voices on those accounts will have vocabularies of 1,000 common words (we’ll let you figure out what happens when you type something else). Pro account Voices have unlimited vocabularies.

Create your Overdub Voice | Descript

And we’ve started rolling out a feature that lets you create an Overdub Voice using existing audio — without spending 10-30 minutes reading our script. Instead you just read our brief Voice ID statement, upload audio of yourself — ideally from the podcast or project where you want to use Overdub — and the Overdub algorithm does the rest. The script method still works too. You can get immediate access by signing up here.

You’ll also be able to create multiple Overdub Voices — because we’ve removed the limits on Overdub Voice licenses. So if you sometimes record on Zoom and other times in a studio, you can create separate Voices for each, and then add new speaking parts by typing from the appropriate Overdub.

To get started with Overdub, just click on Overdub in the Drive view. There are plenty of helpful tips in the Learning Center (click on the ? in the bottom right of the app).

Change offline storage location

Crossing another item off of the “Seriously, Descript can’t do this!?” list, you can now change the location where Descript stores files on your computer.

Webcam resizing (Mac)

Users on Mac can now resize their webcam bubble and choose whether it’s a square or a circle in the Screen Recorder.

Video analytics and email notifications

Video creators will now be able to see a view count on video pages they created. If viewers are logged in to Descript while viewing, video creators will be able to see their names and avatars. Video creators will also receive an email notification the first time someone views the video.

Other fixes and improvements

  • We’ve removed the 7-day free trial on Pro accounts
  • We’ve improved timeline vertical resizing behavior
  • We’ve improved clip dragging behavior in the timeline. Clips no longer snap to the beginning, and multi-clip dragging preserves the pin offset.
  • Studio Sound is now available in Early Access for all users, regardless of whether they signed up for the beta
  • Studio Sound can now be used on files that were added to Descript prior to Studio Sound’s launch
  • We’ve improved performance when trimming clips in the timeline
  • When hovering over a clip, the thumbnail fades out
  • Videos can now be played at 1.25x speed
  • When a video is embedded, the Descript logo now directs back to the video share page
  • We fixed a bug with Timeline Export that introduced gaps between clips
  • We changed the home/end keyboard shortcuts to only navigate to the beginning / end of a composition when the timeline is active

Get the latest Descript software

Make sure you’re using the latest version of Descript, or download the app to get started for free.

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