New in Descript: Podcast metadata export, global affiliate program, and more

With today’s release of Descript, we took a break from big changes (see: Studio Sound), and knocked out a number of quality-of-life improvements. We hope there’s at least a few things on this list that will make Descript nicer for you.

Embed podcast metadata in file export

Now when you export your podcast, you can encode your show name, description, and artwork in the file. You can also include your markers as chapters.

Export transcript as plain text, Markdown, and more

In addition to exporting your transcript as a Word doc or RTF, you can now export as plain text, Markdown, or HTML. You can also customize your transcript by toggling inclusion of composition name, markers, ignored text, and speaker labels.

The Descript affiliate program is now global

We’ve opened our affiliate program to customers all over the world (it had only been available in the US and Canada until now). You can apply to become an affiliate here.

Other fixes and improvements

  • It’s now easier to drag arrows in the viewer
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the webcam from showing up when recording a fullscreen presentation
  • Added a tooltip to the transcription confirmation modal that makes it more clear how you can add/detect speakers
  • Added the option to detect speakers (on unlabeled files) to the speaker-label dropdown in the script
  • We now show the hand pointer instead of the text cursor when hovering over a speaker label
  • Fixed an issue that caused a lag when dragging pins in the script
  • Made the new app-release notification dismiss-able
  • TAB and Shift-TAB now work to cycle through fields in the Inspector
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused deleting a partial Overdub to delete the rest of the timeline
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the capitalization toggle hotkey (Q) from working on words that started with certain characters
  • The home/end keys now seek to the beginning/end of a Composition
  • You can now drag the first word of an Overdub clip to adjust the preceding word gap
  • Fixed an issue that caused the quick action pane in the project sidebar to flash when adding a new asset

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