New in Descript: Faster, better Studio Sound, Windows webcams, progressive video uploads

Descript Studio Sound improvements

Faster, better Studio Sound, Windows webcam support, and progressive video uploads.

Studio Sound: now faster and better

We launched a new version of Studio Sound which sounds better while also taking less time to process your recordings. You’ll particularly notice that new Studio Sound recordings have fewer artifacts and maintain the speaker identity better. To re-apply Studio Sound to an existing recording, replace the file in your project with the same original file, and then apply Studio Sound to it. Hear the difference:

Webcam recording now supported on Windows (early access)

You can (finally!) make webcam-only recordings on Windows. It’s still in early access, so please let us know if it isn’t working as expected for you.

Santa to the rescue!

Only a few days left! Use our Santagram templates for last-minute message to keep kids in line for a few more days, or make something funny with Santa MadDubz to distract from the horrors of this week's news. And if your holiday travel plans are looking shaky, you can always let Santa deliver the cheer by creating a message from scratch. Here's a video of someone's kids surprised by their custom Santa greeting:

Santa Audiograms benefit Stanford's Neuroscience Supportive Care Program, a wellness program designed to provide degenerative disease patients and families with emotional, physical, and spiritual support through all stages of their medical care. Make your Santa audiogram →

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