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YouTube RSS & a Shorts how-to: The Descript Newsletter
In this newsletter we've got a wealth of news, wisdom, and info about YouTube. Down below, you'll find our primer on YouTube Shorts, and an insightful interview with some YouTube megastars. But first, some very big news for podcasters. 
Your guest's audio doesn't have to suck when recording remotely
Remote recording has made it easier to book guests, saved on studio rental costs, and, in a lot of cases, improved audio quality. But it's not foolproof, so here's some advice on getting the very best remote recording you can get
How to stay sane — and keep creating
Learn how creators keep it together when the going gets tough.
Make music work for your podcast
Find out how composers and sound designers use music to heighten their podcast episodes.
Video podcasting: a workflow that won't kill you
How to make a video podcast even if you don't think you have the time or resources
Learn to read (without sounding like you’re reading)
Here's how to write a script that sounds natural and read so it sounds like you.
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