Tips & Tricks

Cutting time with custom templates: a #MadewithDescript Q&A
Ko-fi brand ambassador Tim Balogh relies heavily on custom Descript templates to create his Ko-fi Break video series. We asked him about his process.
How to use trending TikTok sounds for more engagement
Here are the basics behind trending TikTok sounds and how to make them work for you.
How to get your old podcast episodes on YouTube — no video required
Your podcast should be on YouTube, but that's a challenge if your old episodes don't have video. Here's how you can make it happen.
How to choose the best video recording software for your project
Video recording software can mean the difference between a pixelated video that takes days to edit and a high-resolution masterpiece that’s ready in no time. Figure out the right software for your project with our recommendation.s
Social Media Marketing Tips to Fine-Tune Your Strategy
Learn how to do a successful social media marketing strategy for your podcast, video channel, or any other brand, defining your audience, measurable goals, and some other things.

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