Season 2 updates: New ways to make shareable video for promoting your work, blazing-fast publishing, and more

New in Descript: Our Season 2 updates! New ways to make shareable video for promoting your work, blazing-fast publishing, and more

Today we’re releasing our biggest update to Descript since our last quarterly release, in October. This one has a bunch of cool features for making shareable video clips to promote your content on social media, or wherever. We've also released cloud exporting that's faster than anything out there, and some performance improvements that should make Descript faster and better for just about everybody.

Record or import audio, make edits, add fades, music, and sound effects, then publish online, export the audio in the format of your choice or send it directly to your hosting service.
Create your podcast from start to finish with Descript.

Fully customizable audiograms & social video clips

You can now create and fully customize your own audiograms or other video clips right from the composition.

Add your own progress bars, waveforms and reimagined text clips (we’ve combined titles and captions into a powerful and flexible clip type), use your own fonts, and create your own videos in any size and layout.

With all of these features in the Descript editor, you can easily create some eye-catching videos, like this: 

Blazing fast publishing

Publishing a composition or screen recording should now render it in the cloud astonishingly fast. You can publish a heavily edited twenty minute video and it should be ready in about a minute. That’s 10x faster than before, 3x faster than Final Cut Pro X, and 8x faster than Premiere Pro in our testing. And the best part is the longer the video you’re publishing, the bigger the improvement.

Other changes and fixes

  • You can now transfer ownership of a project to another Editor member on the same Drive
  • Windows support for camera-only recording is now out of early access
  • We’ve addressed a long-standing bug in the Windows installer where it sometimes complained about not having a network connection even if it was working just fine

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