What's New in Descript Podcast Studio

Last week we made a few big announcements, including the latest Descript release: a full multitrack podcast production studio. (Relaunch the app to update, or download here.)

Here’s what’s new:

Multitrack editor

Drag-and-drop to add music and sound effects.

Easily copy and paste between tracks in the timeline, too

Voice recording

Record solo, or with your guests — we’ll dynamically generate a single transcript from multiple speakers.

Record directly into Descript


An easy way to work with tracks of audio that you want to keep synchronized and still have the control to make edits to the individual tracks when you want.

Create a Sequence when you import your files, or later from the Media Library

Live Collaboration

Add a collaborator and work together in real time: make edits, see (and hear) the other person’s changes, add and resolve comments.

Work together, see each other’s edits, comment, and collaborate — all in real time


The easiest way to learn Descript: launch one of the three new tutorials — podcasting, transcription, or video editing — right from the app.

Launch any of the three tutorials from the Project browser
From the Podcasting Tutorial, Lesson 3

Honorable Mentions

There are even more updates detailed in the Descript changelog:

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