Here's what creators are saying about Descript Season 1: Overdub, Studio Sound + more

Screenshots of tweets from happy Descript users mentioning their favorite new features, including Studio Sound audio enhancement, Overdub voice cloning and more.

Yesterday, we held our very first live release event, Season 1, to show off our biggest update of the year. 

Andrew unveiled the biggest improvements yet to Overdub, and Studio Sound broke out of beta with some new functions creators had been asking for. We also released a bunch of new effects, improvements to the editor, and a new embedded player with the transcript right alongside. 

We heard Descript AI researchers and engineers walk us through some of the science behind Studio Sound and Overdub, saw the winners of our Studio Sound contest, and met some of the Descript engineers who are working to help creators bring their ideas to life. 

A day later, some creators are already putting the new features into their workflow:

"Not only could I edit all of my YouTube videos using Descript,  but it has the potential to repurpose that content and split it across all of the social media channels in a really quick way." - Jon Davis

"In case you haven’t been able to tell already, I’m using this VoiceOver tool for this entire video. I’ve just typed out the text I want to say, and Descript’s Overdub technology does the rest." - James Archer

"Studio Sound will not only remove reverb, but also recreate it to get a more natural sound." - White Noise Studio

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