New in Descript: Effects (Compressor & EQ) and more!

Descript 3.2 is now available! Here’s what’s new.

Compression and EQ Effects

Now you can add add track-level effects in Descript. Use our Compressor to smooth out volume levels and make your voice sound broadcast-ready, and use our 10 band EQ effect to add clarity, remove hiss, and more. Each effect is fully customizable, and comes with a set of useful presets to make your audio sound better with a single click.

Other improvements

  • Record from multiple inputs on the same device
  • Major performance improvements
  • Brought back the ability to position the video pane on the right
  • Improved Timeline Export compatibility with Apple Logic
  • You can now drag pinned tracks into negative time – making it easier to work with music at the top of a Composition
  • Drive search is faster
  • Double click gain/pan controls to reset to zero

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where timeline wouldn’t recenter after adding a pinned track
  • Fixed issue where timeline would sometimes scroll indiscriminately sometimes when dragging a clip
  • Fixed issue that caused playback to switch away from Sequencer or Media Library if Patient Playback was enabled
  • Fixed issue where Speaker Label previews would lock up when clicking on the preview timeline
  • Fixed issue where changing speaker labels could be very slow in long Sequence Compositions

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