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Looking for more help making your podcast? There are probably as many podcast resources out there as podcasts with names that end in “podcast.” Here, we’ve collected how-tos and resource guides from creators, industry experts, and podcast companies all across the web to help you create the best podcast possible.

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A Ridiculous Amount of Podcast Resources: Hundreds and Hundreds of Them

This embarrassment of riches comes courtesy of Alex Kapelman, an ex-EP of podcasts at Conde Nast. Here, you’ll find tons of help with storytelling, scriptwriting, and audio journalism, along with a fair share of technical and promotional guidance. There’s no way you’ll read it all in an afternoon, so keep this one at the top of your bookmarks.

Jules Bradley Audio Resources

Whether you’re a total beginner or have a freelance career on the horizon, you’ll get a lot out of this collection of resources about making podcasts and tapping into the industry. It’s all collected by Jules Bradley, an audio producer for several production houses including Crooked Media.

Buzzsprout: Podcast Guides: 31 of The Best Podcasting Resources

Like what you’re reading right now, this resource compiled by podcast hosting platform Buzzsprout is a guide of guides (we didn’t steal the idea from them, but they definitely did it first). Here, you’ll find a ton of beginner-friendly how-tos, from how to start a podcast to how to pick the right gear to how to market your show. 

Bello Collective: Podcasting 101

Bello is an independent publication that’s all about elevating the art of audio storytelling, so it’s no wonder they’ve got an excellent collection of articles on topics you won’t necessarily find anywhere else: stuff like how to work with your friends and how to tell the stories of marginalized people. 

Transom: Podcasting Tools

If you’re just getting started in audio, Transom is an invaluable resource. Their guide to podcasting tools goes beyond gear reviews to include tips on how to achieve technical feats like capturing spatial audio and adjusting loudness levels.

We Edit Podcasts: 16 Active Podcasting Communities to Join

While production company We Edit Podcasts’s guide to online podcasting groups and forums is a bit dated — the Google+ mention is a giveaway —  most of the 16 communities mentioned here are still very active and very useful for making connections with like-minded creators.

Learning resources

If you want to hone your audio skills without shelling out for a professional workshop, you’re in luck: Some of the biggest names in podcasting provide their training materials online for free.

NPR Training

Considering that NPR shows are some of the most imitated out there, getting a glimpse into their rules and processes is invaluable. This all-encompassing learning hub has advice on nearly anything you might need as an audio creator, whether you’re just starting or you’re a grizzled old-timer. 

BBC Sounds Audio Lab Masterclasses

If video is more your speed, this resource from one of the oldest outlets in the biz features five virtual masterclasses on interviewing, sound design, storytelling, and others.


Founded by a journalist who wanted to hear more diverse voices on the air, Transom encourages new generations of audio storytellers with in-person workshops and online resources that teach everything from how to structure a story to how to make an interview guest feel comfortable.

Third Coast Festival Maker Sessions Archive 

This celebrated audio festival has been running since 2000, and many, many big names in audio storytelling have shared their secrets in that time. You can watch a portion of them yourself in the festival’s archives.


Whether you want to keep up with industry news or pitch your show for an article — or both! — it’s always handy to know the names of journalists covering the podcast beat. Read a few columns from each writer to see who speaks to you, then follow them on social media to keep up with their latest pieces. 

You can also just keep up with the publications themselves: The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Guardian, and the LA Review of Books all have dedicated podcast sections.


Podcast recommendations? Industry gossip? Audio job listings? If you want it, there’s a podcast newsletter that’s got it. 

1.5x Speed Newsletter from Vulture

Nick Quah is one of the leading voices in podcast journalism, and his newsletter doles out two to three fresh and exciting podcast recommendations every week. 

Hot Pod from The Verge

This weekly newsletter founded by Nick Quah and currently helmed by podcasting maven Ariel Nissenblatt keeps readers up to date on podcast news alongside analysis and opinions on the audio industry. 


This sweet and scannable newsletter combines a roundup of the week’s podcast news with lists of new releases, podcasting events, and job postings. 

Podcast: The Newsletter from Lauren Passell

Subscribe to this cheery newsletter and every week you’ll get a slew of podcast recommendations punctuated by colorful emoji. If you don’t have time for in-depth descriptions, it always includes three no-nonsense picks at the top of the email.

Sounds Profitable

This newsletter about the business of podcasting covers the technology and trends guiding podcast advertising — you know, the thing that keeps podcasters employed.

Starting Out from Alice Wilder 

Alice Wilder has produced podcasts for Pineapple Street Studios, CNN, and others, and her monthly newsletter is full of tips for early-career audio makers.

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