The best 7 Bluetooth microphones, ranked and reviewed (2023)

Choosing the right microphone for your podcast or video content is an easy way to raise your production quality. 

You want a microphone that’s easy to set up and use but that also ensures that your audience gets a high-quality listening experience. And while you can make up for recording without a microphone, or with a bad microphone, using a good mic will save editing time and give you a cleaner, warmer, clearer sound. 

Before you read on, you should know a few things about Bluetooth. First off, a Bluetooth microphone will compress your audio, so you’ll lose some audio quality before the sound even gets to your recording device. If better sound is your main goal, you’re better off with a wired mic; our article linked above has a ton of great advice and options. 

Bluetooth is great for mobility. If you’re recording on your phone while you walk or otherwise move around, the mics on our list will give you a way better sound than your phone mic (and won’t look as goofy on video as wires swinging from your ears).

If that’s your goal, we’ve put together a list of the top seven Bluetooth microphones to improve the sound quality of your content, free you up to move around, and make you sound even more professional and credible.

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What is a Bluetooth microphone?

A Bluetooth microphone is a microphone that connects wirelessly to your computer or phone via a Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth itself is a wireless connection using radio frequency that enables devices to work together.

Some examples of Bluetooth technology: wireless earbuds, phones connecting to car speakers, a wireless keyboard or mouse, and smartwatches. A Bluetooth microphone, then, becomes an easy way to connect your microphone to your recording device without messing with a wired connection. It’s good for recording podcasts or videos on your iPhone for platforms like TikTok or Instagram.

If you’re considering a Bluetooth microphone, here are a few ways it can come in handy for your video or podcast production:

  • Long-range wireless recording, like using your phone camera from across a room
  • On-location filming/recording (instead of in a studio), where cords and cables would be impractical
  • Recording while in motion, like moving around at an event or following a parade or protest

Best Bluetooth microphones compared

If a wireless microphone sounds like the best option for you, here are the seven best Bluetooth microphones along with their main features, pros, cons, and price points.

1. Sony ECM-AW4 Bluetooth microphone system

Best Bluetooth microphone for recording short segments

The Sony ECM-AW4 Bluetooth microphone is a two-piece set, consisting of both a microphone and a receiver. The receiver connects directly to your camera with a wired adapter while the microphone stays on your person. 

There’s a built-in microphone in the unit, and it has the ability to connect to a lavalier microphone if you prefer. If multiple hosts or guests are recording together, it also allows you to connect to a headset to communicate with each other.


  • Recording range of up to 164 feet
  • Can connect to any DSLR camera, not just Sony cameras
  • Backed by Sony’s 1-year warranty.


  • Uses AAA batteries, which means only 3 hours of battery life
  • Must attach receiver to camera

Polar pattern: Omnidirectional

Battery life: 3 hours

Price: $229.99

Buy now

2. Sennheiser Memory Mic smartphone video microphone

Best Bluetooth microphone for remote control needs

The Sennheiser Memory Mic is a Bluetooth microphone that connects to and can be controlled by an iOS or Android app. It’s a mini-condenser microphone and can easily clip onto the person speaking to wirelessly record their voice. 

While a 100% charge will only get you two hours of use, you get up to four hours of storage — you’ll just need to recharge the mic.

Instead of providing audio to your camera, this microphone stores your recording on its built-in memory card for you to later upload to your device. This means you’ll need to synchronize your recording session if you’re also recording video to ensure the sound and video match up.


  • Remote app control
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Easy to use


  • Short battery life
  • Doesn’t connect to a camera
  • Larger than a typical lavalier-like mic

Polar pattern: Omnidirectional

Battery life: 2 hours

Price: $199.95

Buy from Amazon

3. Razer Seiren BT Bluetooth microphone

Best Bluetooth microphone for recording multiple people at once

The Razer Seiren BT microphone is popular for its IRL streaming capabilities. It’s the best Bluetooth microphone on our list for recording multiple people with its omnidirectional polar pattern, and great for interviews, vlogging, and other recordings of a similar nature.

This wireless mic also has its own app that you can use to pair the mic to your phone for recording, as well as to control the microphone.


  • Great noise suppression for vloggers
  • AI noise cancellation tool
  • Lightweight to easily clip to your lapel for hands-free recording


  • Audio quality lacking in comparison to others on the list
  • Can be challenging to pair with your iPhone/iPad with the app

Polar pattern: Omnidirectional

Battery life: 6 hours

Price: $99.99

Buy now

4. The RODE Wireless GO II dual channel wireless microphone system

Best Bluetooth microphone for podcasting

The RODE Wireless GO II microphone might be the priciest on our list, but for good reason. This microphone has the longest range of all microphones on our list, giving you the ability to record up to 200 feet away from your computer or wherever you’re capturing audio; it’s fantastic for recording in the field.

However, it’s the ability this microphone gives you to record two sources simultaneously that makes it perfect for podcasters sitting and using two different microphones. Add this to your list of podcasting equipment.


  • Up to 40 hours of internal memory
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Cardioid pickup pattern to ignore sounds from the sides of the mic


  • Expensive

Polar pattern: Omnidirectional

Battery life: 7 hours

Price: $299

Buy now

5. Alead LiveMIC2 Bluetooth microphone

Best Bluetooth microphone for those on a budget

The Alead LiveMIC2 is another piece of video equipment that can be used as a wireless handheld microphone. It allows you to switch between omnidirectional, unidirectional, and external mic options, depending on where and how many people you’re recording.

This microphone has a lot of the same features as many on this list — but it’s the cheapest option. So it may end up being the best option for that reason alone.


  • Affordable
  • Can switch polar pattern
  • Up to 66 feet of distance


  • Slightly heavier, but can be used as a handheld mic
  • Outdated design
  • Average audio quality

Polar pattern: Omnidirectional or unidirectional

Battery life: 3 hours

Price: $79.99

Buy now

6. SmartMike+ wireless Bluetooth microphone

Best Bluetooth microphone for livestreaming

The SmartMike+ wireless Bluetooth microphone is the perfect option for a live audio or video recording. While it can work with other use cases as well, it has four levels of noise reduction that make it easy to record in real-time without having to go back and edit out the background noise.


  • Four levels of noise reduction
  • The ability to plug in a unidirectional mic


  • Required to use the app to record
  • Only file format is AAC

Polar pattern: Omnidirectional

Battery life: 5 hours

Price: $158

Buy now

7. Mackie OnyxGo

Best Bluetooth microphone for any use case

The Mackie OnyxGo mic is probably the best all around Bluetooth microphone on this list; it’s perfect for creators who need a microphone for multiple types of content. It’s also one of the cheaper options on our list, making it a great option for a beginning content creator (though the best option when you’re just getting started is to just use whatever you’ve got).

With this microphone, creators can quickly and easily get started recording, syncing through the smartphone app and connecting it to their recording device. It has a shorter range than others, but can be great for creators who don’t need to go long distances from their recording device.


  • Easily pair with another unit for dual channel recording
  • Solid battery life
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Only 20-foot range
  • Can only be used with the app

Polar pattern: Omnidirectional

Battery life: 6 hours

Price: $99.99

Buy now

Find the best Bluetooth microphone for your needs

Step one: Record with the best Bluetooth microphone you can get. Step two: Edit and publish your podcast or video with Descript. Step three: Do it all again. Look through our list of Bluetooth microphone recommendations to find the best one for your creator business, side hustle, hobby, or job.

Bluetooth microphone FAQ

Is there such a thing as a Bluetooth microphone?

Yes, Bluetooth microphones exist as a form of wireless microphone, as opposed to a USB or XLR microphone with a direct connector into the camera or recording device. A Bluetooth microphone doesn’t have the sound quality that a corded microphone does, but it’s perfect for times when cords are impractical, like when recording on the move, in the field, or at a distance from your recording device.

Can I use a Bluetooth microphone with a Bluetooth speaker?

Yes, but you’ll need an additional Bluetooth transmitter. Bluetooth devices can’t directly communicate with each other and need an additional “master” device like a Bluetooth transmitter. If you plug a Bluetooth transmitter into the speaker’s AUX input and link that transmitter with the microphone, you can use the two devices together. 

Is there a Wi-Fi microphone?

There aren’t microphones that work purely over Wi-Fi. They need some additional type of transmitter to connect to the recording device. Options for wireless microphones are Bluetooth and UHF, which is more expensive than Bluetooth but also produces higher quality sound.

Which is the best wireless microphone?

Which microphone is the best is purely subjective, based on your needs, your budget, and the other equipment you have at your disposal. One of the best wireless microphones we’ve found is the Sony ECM-AW4 Bluetooth microphone system for its quality and recording range.

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