The 8 Best Tech Podcasts to Get Inspired

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The tech industry is huge and always evolving, so today’s tech podcasts cover a lot of ground. Some shows examine tech industry trends, the latest tech news, and innovations broadly, while some get more specific, digging into venture capital in tech, for example. If you’re looking to add a technology podcast or two to your rotation, here are some standouts.

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The 8 Top Tech Podcasts to Keep Tabs on Digital Chaos

1. TED Tech

For quick hits about the vanguard of technology and design, TED Tech is a great choice. It’s one of the shortest tech podcasts you can find, with episodes clocking in at about ten minutes apiece. In that short timespan, the podcast is able to capture a specific TED speaker detailing an idea or project that will shape our collective future. It’s certainly more abstract than practical in many cases, but a lot of what they cover, including robots and alternative energy, is just super cool.

2. Pivot

Pivot is as much a tech news podcast as it is a platform for no-BS commentary. When it comes to both expertise and clear, convincing arguments, hosts Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway are hard to beat. Swisher is a seasoned journalist and Galloway is an expert in tech and business marketing who teaches at NYU. Twice a week, the duo breaks down the latest developments and drama from the week in tech and explains what it means for us regular folks.

3. The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway

Why is Scott Galloway on this list twice? For one thing, tech news and technology itself can be incredibly difficult to explain in plain English, and Galloway is someone who’s capable of doing it well. Plus The Prof G Pod is just another great listen on a range of topics, including tech, marketing, and the larger business world. If you’re curious about whether NFTs are here to stay or what the future of money looks like, you should sit at the feet of Prof G. (It’s worth noting that Kara Swisher, Galloway’s Pivot co-host, also has a solo podcast called Sway, but it’s not nearly as tech-focused.)

4. The a16z Podcast

Quick disclaimer: Venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz’s in-house tech podcast can be dry as hell. If you’re interested in easily accessible material and gonzo hosts, you’re not going to find that on the a16z podcast. On the flip side, the storied venture capital firm behind this podcast is one of the most well-connected and knowledgeable institutions in Silicon Valley, so they definitely have their ear to the ground when it comes to investigating high tech innovations and doing deep dives into the direction of the tech sector. In other words, for granular, detailed discussions about what’s happening on the cutting edge of tech, a16z is a solid go-to.

5. Accidental Tech

Another show that’s really only for those deep into the technical aspects of the industry, Accidental Tech devotes each of its two-hour episodes to hyper-specific matters of programming and tech specs that will enthrall you. If, that is, you’re the kind of person who builds their own gaming rigs or works directly in the techy side of tech.

6. How I Built This

How I Built This is a worthwhile listen for the tech curious even though it doesn’t focus exclusively on tech companies or tech news. Instead, the show is valuable for anyone looking to understand the mindset of entrepreneurs from all kinds of sectors from food to entertainment to, of course, technology. Like the title suggests, each episode features host Guy Raz interviewing luminaries in their field about how they grew their empire and what they’ve learned along the way. It’s a great window into the minds of businesspeople, especially if you yourself don’t know an IPO from an IHOP.

7. The Vergecast

You’ll likely be a fan of The Vergecast (put out by the team at tech news site The Verge) if you’re into video games and other mainstream consumer tech. To give you an example of how nerdy and specific the show can get, they recently ran an episode on an open-source trackball production company — trackball as in, the thing that makes your mouse move. But the show also brings the requisite tech news and product reviews that will please both gamers and gear enthusiasts more generally.

8. What Next: TBD

A tech news show from Slate’s podcast network, What Next: TBD doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, nor is it a free-form discussion like The Vergecast. Instead, each week, host Lizzie O’Leary drops targeted, straightforward reports and interviews about what’s going on in technology, with a focus on the public interest. Gearheads and Elon Musk fans won’t get their fix here, but anyone interested in how technology is shaping our future will be right at home.

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